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We Provide Quality Education

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World Class Experienced Teaching Staff.

Natural Environment of School Campus.

Well Managed School Playground.

Well Equipped Classes, Library, Labs etc.

Every years We produce Number of Topper
Students in our School.

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Dear Parents and Guardians.
Welcome to Cross Belly International School. This aims to answer the questions you may have about how our school is organized, the type of activities the children become involved in, governors, staff etc. As a school, we look forward to sharing this period of your child's life with you. Every effort is made to provide a full and interesting curriculum which will go some way to Preparing your child

for future education in secondary school and beyond. We intend to give the children skills and enthusiasm to pursue learning for the rest of their lives. By working together we hope you will encourage your child to contribute to the life of the School and take part in and enjoy the many opportunities offered here at Cross Belly International School. We hope that your association with the school is a long and happy one. With best regards.

Manager's Message

Welcome to Cross Belly International School. As a manager my goal is to work with the community in providing quality education setting high expectations and creating a caring community for all students. We strive for high standards in the transmission of knowledge within

Principal's Message

We, Cross Belly International School want to be acknowledged as an Institute, which provides quality education with modern techniques, innovative learning yet keeping the foundation strong. We want to bring self belief in a child, allow him to experience the opportunity,

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Parents Review About School

I firmly believe Cross Belly International School prepares its pupils for more than academic success; it prepares them for life, providing a lasting framework for each and every child. Your son/daughter will be encouraged to gain confidence and they will have better valuations to enable them to pursue his/her individual goals in life. Enthusiasm, a genuine love of learning, independent work habits and a sense of a achievement, all are benefits of our educational ethos, preparing your son/daughter for challenging and fulfilling life beyond school. Value of courtesy, sensitivity and responsibility are present throughout the school. Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions a family will make. I hope this prospectus provides you with a flavor of Cross Belly International School and an understanding of why our school is so special to all who choose to learn and work here.