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As I pen this message, a gush of emotions flows through me. This nervous energy within me is a testament of my excitement and gratitude on being associated with this beautiful institution called the Cross Belly International School. The first time one steps onto this marvelous 2 acre complex with every facility that a modern day school can offer, one realizes that this is an Institute run by an administration which truly believes in the holistic development of children. But there is something else that catches your attention the very next minute- the environment and the invigorating ethos of the campus, the spirit of vibrant children who are respected equally for their diverse talents and empowered with education and values to chart the course of their life competently. They say, “Well begun, is half done” and that certainly holds true for Cross Belly International School. With that said, I strongly believe that my role here as Principal is quite simply of a Catalyst. A catalyst leveraging the ingredients provided by CBIS both in terms of its Core Values and Resources, thereby facilitating the rapid and sustainable growth of each and every bright young talent who walks through the gates of this institution which is now my second home.
Time changes and in them, we too change. Perhaps nothing in this world is permanent except change. With the right perceptions an educational institution can envision the infinite and set trends in the right direction. An Institution thereby, has the awesome mission of training minds, not to submit weakly to fate but to masters of fate-to make more opportunities than what the world offers. The natural consequence of this positive attitude is a heightened curiosity, a vigorous mind and a sublime life. Cross Belly International School (CBIS) in general with keenness to adopt these attitudes, has made available an infrastructure that is in tune with the educational requisites for the future, and worthy to make a nation proud. School cannot rest on its laurels though, for to rest is to withdraw from the race. CBIS vision envisages what the children are equipped with to march in the Millennium, even as winds of change sweep across the world.

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Cross Belly International School


Kukuripur Sathioan Azamgarh 276406.


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Cross Belly International School is Recognize By C.B.S.E. Delhi

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Mata Madhuri Devi Shishan Sewa Sans-than
is Resisted under Section 25 of the Company Act, 1956

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Mrs. Sudha Rai


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2.0188 Acre
8169.336 Sq. Mt.

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2143 Sq.Mt.

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6326 Sq. Mt.

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30 X 25 Sq.Mt.

No. of Periodicals :- 06

NO. of Dailies :- 04

No. of Reference Books class-wise :- 15

No. of Magazine :- 05

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1632 Library Books

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S. Rai (Member of school Management Committee)

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1. Mr. Prem Lata Rai
2. Mr. Jitendra Rai

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20 May


30 June

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01 April


31 July

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I firmly believe Cross Belly International School prepares its pupils for more than academic success; it prepares them for life, providing a lasting framework for each and every child. Your son/daughter will be encouraged to gain confidence and they will have better valuations to enable them to pursue his/her individual goals in life. Enthusiasm, a genuine love of learning, independent work habits and a sense of a achievement, all are benefits of our educational ethos, preparing your son/daughter for challenging and fulfilling life beyond school. Value of courtesy, sensitivity and responsibility are present throughout the school. Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions a family will make. I hope this prospectus provides you with a flavor of Cross Belly International School and an understanding of why our school is so special to all who choose to learn and work here.